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How to win “The Prize that is Beyond Belief,” The Rules

This is beauty in motion, without the motion

You are probably dying to learn how you can win the “Prize that is Beyond Belief,” here are the rules:

The first person to receive 20 points will win the prize. Points can be earned through the following ways (If you have already done something below, you have received those points.).

“Like” the Facebook page: 1 point

Subscribe for e-mail updates from http://outfromthewild.com : 1 point

Follow @outfromthewild on twitter: 1 point

Subscribe to the outfromthewild channel on YouTube:  1 point

Post a Wild Man video to your wall: A point for each video (up to 4 points, if you have already received points for posting videos to your wall, you are rewarded by being able to receive two more points for posting new videos.)

There are fun facts on the back

Write a full paragraph response to this post (I will judge if it was a full paragraph) about how amazing the “Prize that is Beyond Belief” is: 2 points

Write the best paragraph (Judged by me):  2 more points.

Any person you refer to any of the above activities who gives you credit: 1 point for each action

Intangibles:  Just like life, some things are objective.  You can earn up to 4 points just from being consistent and active in the Out From the Wild Community (some of you have already recieved some of these, no one has more than 2).  It could also be just because I like you.

Winning Out From the Wild games:  5 points, as we move forward there will be games or challenges I will give you (See the battle for the 1,000th view for an example).  By participating in  these you can gain up to 5 points.

Now you know what to do, so get out there, spread some Out From the Wild love and win that mug!  Some of you are well on your way!

The current leaderboard (if you have questions about points you have or points you should have feel free to challenge me:

Bret Overdorf: 9 points

Eb Hooyer:  9 points

Jordan Overdorf:  6 points

Duane Thor (I am being generous by giving you two intangible points for past behavior, despite your recent actions.):  5 points

Michael Slonim:  5 points

Adam Stakeman:  4 points

Isaac Gray:  4 points

Rebekah Gray:  3 points

Several have 1-2 points by default


9 thoughts on “How to win “The Prize that is Beyond Belief,” The Rules

  1. Can I just kill myself, and in my will, after I leave all my earthly possessions to my gay lover that no one knew I had, I bequeath the Prize that is Beyond Belief (which actually it is, because it looks like something from Extra Terrestrials–and I spelled that out instead of just writing “ETs”) to a dog, who runs across the country with a message for Wild Man in his mouth, and the message is really saliva-y so it’s hard to read, and also it’s in code, because the Wild Man knows the code, and he breaks it right there, with the dog looking up and waiting, breathing hard, and the Wild Man says, “I can’t believe Kinkos only made one of these, because I want one really badly” and then begins to weep, at which time the dogs curls at his feet and falls asleep, knowing that he has done his duty, and then wakes up and does his duty on a tree, as the Wild Man screams “Why, why, why?” and the camera pans out further and further until Wild Man is just a speck of dust?
    Thank you.

    Posted by bestbathroombooks | October 18, 2011, 11:30 pm
  2. Bret Overdorf Wow Wild Man…”The prize that is beyond belief” exceeds my expectations!!! The way you drew out the reveal was masterful. I mean if you would have just told us it would have been to “normal”. I especially like the fact that you are willing… to drink out of the mug for the winner. It compares to a game worn jersey of Peyton Manning, except better of course!! This is a “coffee drank” mug from The Wild Man!! I did wonder if you would be willing to sign the mug also….I’m thinking of the potential for the future value of this one of a kind extravaganza!!! Your classic pose is captured magnificently on the mug’s front , only topped by your “wild” wisdom on the back. Also, being an avid coffee drinker only adds to the mugs allure. Many thanks for the opportunity to compete. There is truly goodness in your heart Wild Man!!!See More
    11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…

    Posted by Bret Overdorf | October 19, 2011, 6:56 am
    • Bret, I would love to drink and sign the mug for you, should you win it. Although I must say that EB Hooyer is leading you by a small margin at this point. Keep working. I’m rooting for both of you.

      Posted by WildMan | October 22, 2011, 12:17 am
  3. The Prize that is Beyond Belief is, forgive the cliché, beyond belief. Who knew Wild Man could be so generous? If I win this prize, it will be proudly displayed in my home. When friends come to visit I will share with them Wild Man’s story and show them the joy that Wild Man brings to all those who come across him. Then again, I can’t imagine welcoming anyone into my home if they weren’t already avid fans of Wild Man. In short, this prize is amazing and just goes to prove how truly magnificent Wild Man is. Thank you for coming “Out From the Wild”, Wild Man!

    Posted by EB Hooyer | October 19, 2011, 5:26 pm
    • EB, you have really been working hard, and I have to say that at the moment you are the frontrunner. I am glad I have brought you joy, and I agree, anyone who does not embrace me is not welcome in your home.

      Posted by WildMan | October 22, 2011, 12:19 am
  4. I will do whatever it takes to win the prize that is beyond belief. I will sit next to the interstate with a cardboard sign that says, “‘Like’ Out From the Wild on facebook.” I will rush to the grocery store and buy all of their cheapest greeting cards so that I can enclose images of Wild Man to all of my friends. I will even sit in my room and study, just so that I can become wiser and better able to understand the deep philosophical truths of Wild Man. If I could, I would live in the Fidos’ house for this prize.

    Also, I deserve more points because I am a fan on facebook and I am a follower on twitter. I have also commented regularly on my favorite Wild Man videos and posts. I will fight for these points to my very grave. I am also now following outfromthewild.com. I demand my rights!

    Posted by Jonathan Slonim | October 21, 2011, 10:47 am
    • Hold on there. I appreciate you enjoying my story at the level you can, but you have not posted any of my videos or referred anyone to me since I promised points toward the prize. At the announcement you had 1 point for following on twitter, and 1 point for liking the Facebook page (Although at the moment you are not showing up as a follower on Facebook so revisit that). Now after following outfromthewild.com and writing this post that gives you three more points which puts you at 5. Now you could argue that you deserve some intangible points because you were one of the very first to comment and discover my story. I am benevolent, I will give you 1 intangible point, that puts you at six. Unfortunately for you, EB Hooyer has 14 and Bret Overdorf has 13 points. But there are some easy ways for you to jump right back into the thick of things. First you can post 4 videos on your wall (be sure and tag “out from the wild” in the post so I know, if I don’t know then no points) that is 4 points and, you can subscribe to the youtube channel, right there you have 11 points. Then get some of your friends to like the page and if they credit you on the wall you get points. Do that and you are right in the game.

      Posted by WildMan | October 22, 2011, 12:35 am
    • Now I am really going to throw a bone to you. If you get a picture of yourself on the interstate with a cardboard sign that says “Like ‘Out from the Wild’ on facebook” and then post that picture to the facebook wall, and I will give you two more points.

      Posted by WildMan | October 22, 2011, 12:38 am

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Wild Man on his journey. This picture is a metaphor for life.

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