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The Battle for the Prize that is Beyond Belief

It was quite a battle, but who will this finally go to?

It was an epic week in the battle for the “Prize that is Beyond Belief.”  People scratched and clawed and fought, but it came down to two very dedicated and special people

.  Watch the video below to find out the result.



2 thoughts on “The Battle for the Prize that is Beyond Belief

  1. Hey Wild Man….Can I get extra points if I stand on my head and recite the Wild Man Pledge? You know THE PLEDGE!! I pledge allegiance to the mug, of The Prize that is Beyond Belief, and to the Wild Man for which it stands, one forest under the stars, with goodness in your heart for all!!!!

    Posted by Bret Overdorf | October 25, 2011, 10:56 pm

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Wild Man on his journey. This picture is a metaphor for life.

Anything could be around that bend. Unfortunatley for Wild Man it was more miles of endless forest and not the Tom Petty concert he was looking for.

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