The saga of the “Prize That is Beyond Belief”

A Challenge is Issued

It all started with this post:

The Prize First Post

But after a few days people did not seem excited by the “Prize that is Beyond Belief” so Wild Man had to remind them again

6 days of first week

After 1 week it was time to unveil the “Prize that is beyond belief” with this video…if Out From the Wild receive 5 new likes:

Due to the lack of response, the prize was not revealed. But after being admonished the Out From the Wild Fans really began to step up

pic 2.jpg

This time the fans would not be disappointed and it was time to reveal what the “Prize that is Beyond Belief” was. Hint: It was beyond belief.

The excitement was palpable, as seen by this online poll

Poll 1.jpg

Wild Man made a video, where he finally unveiled the “Prize that is Beyond Belief”

The prize did not disappoint and everyone had to have it, they were all talking about it:

Comments to the prize

So it was time to issue the next challenge to determine who would win this prize that was beyond belief

The Next Challenge

People began going to great lengths to win this prize

Bret Comment

Then There Were Two

The Battle for the prize was much greater than expected, but two individuals showed clear devotion and were selected as finalists. They received a final challenge in this breathtaking animation.

But before the challenge was given…Wild Man disappeared…and the prize with him. Many were distraught by his disappearing but the truth was much worse than anyone could have imagined…

After returning from an epic struggle Wild Man finally issued the final challenge to Out From the Wild Hall of Famers: Bret Overdorf and EB Hoyer

Wild Man took a straw poll, to get an early indication of te winner. It was inconclusive

Straw Poll

Bret and EB quickly posted their videos (unfortunately their videos have been lost)

Beginning of video challenge

And after 2 days the race was way too close to call

Day 2

By day 3 there was some separation and EB was beginning to look like the front runner with a lead of 17 votes

Day 3

The Final Day By  the final day of the contest Bret had inched back to within 10 votes, everyone was tense, even president Obama. The final day played out on social media, it needs no narration, we can only watch.

Final Day

4 hours left

3 minutes left

Contest Closed

Even Wild Man was conflicted because he loves all his children equally

Wild Man's Final Statements

Congratulations was due to Bret Overdorf the winner of “The Prize that is Beyond Belief”! It was time to tell Bret the exciting news!

And it was time to present Bret with his prize

Presentation Anouncement

In the end Bret Overdorf and EB Hoyer showed themselves to be warriors. They both had a lot of grit, and Wild Man was very proud of both of them.

The Prize that is Beyond Belief


This is Beauty in Motion, without the motion




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Wild Man on his journey. This picture is a metaphor for life.

Anything could be around that bend. Unfortunatley for Wild Man it was more miles of endless forest and not the Tom Petty concert he was looking for.

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