Fun Fact #1: English is not his first language and he makes mistakes

Favorite memory with Wild Man: The virst time I meet Vild Man he tell me he from America.  I get very excited and  crush his rib cage…I make mistake, English nacht my first langvage—I mean to say I get very excited and ask him if he friends with George Mikan? He tell me George Mikan dead.  I ask him who would win, George Mikan or Shaquille O’Neal one on one.  He tell me, “Mikan wouldn’t stand a prayer.”  Then I crush his rib cage.  At least I vanted to, but it turns out the Vild Man is a nasty cat when wants to be…he teach me lesson.  

Fun Fact #2: He is kept awake at night wondering how great Roger Staubach could have been if he hadn’t joined the navy, and still considers the fact that the United States let this happen, “One of the clear failures of capitalism.”


Fun Fact #3: Believes the NBA has never been the same since Bob McAdoo retired. Fun Fact #4: Had the entire staff of a hotel “removed” because the rooms didn’t carry ESPN Classic


Fun Fact #5: It is rumored that he killed two different men on two separate occasions for stating that if Derrick Coleman had played in the 70’s he would have been “Way better than Nate Thurmond."


Fun Fact #6: Believes that if Dave Cowens had focused his crazy hustle and intensity on governing the USSR rather than on the basketball court the Soviet Union would still be alive today.


Fun Fact #7: Every year on November 17th he has a boy named “Peter” wacked because he is still mad about the “Heidi Game.”



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Wild Man on his journey. This picture is a metaphor for life.

Anything could be around that bend. Unfortunatley for Wild Man it was more miles of endless forest and not the Tom Petty concert he was looking for.

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